Love at first sip with T’HO COFFEE: A New Type Of Brew.

My friend/blogger invited me to an event where Entrepreneur Patricia Acheson the CEO of T’HO Commodities Coffee (Pronounced TEA-HO) held an event to help kick-off the coffee brand here in Chicago.

My first experience sipping the coffee was “whoa” this coffee is amazing. A rich taste was left in my mouth and I was drawn in. The aroma in the atmosphere had a cocoa like hint to it from the coffee being brewed. I also love how T’HO gives back. The coffee comes in a brown biodegradable bag and reusable cans. T’HO is also looking into a program where the cans are able to be reused/refilled. The coffee brand also accommodates to their customers, as stated on their website under Coffee Inquiries, T’HO Coffee will cater to all your coffee needs and and even customize a blend that fits your restaurant’s unique brand.  T’HO will help take your Brunch Menu to a whole new level…” Once you fill out the form a specialist contacts you in 24 hours! How neat is that?! 0

The idea of T’HO Coffee was proposed by the Founder, Diego Rodriguez when het met Patricia Acheson in 2017. Ms. Acheson was working a full-time job all while picking up extra shifts at “Crown and Acre, a high-end bar in the Financial District, where Diego supplied his specialty coffee.” A friendship was then developed as the two discussed over coffee, life lessons and business. Mr. Rodriguez has hosted his own cuppings, opened coffee shops in the Bay Area and is now a master roaster.

The name T’HO comes from the city in which Diego Rodriguez was born in T’HO, Mexico; The Crossroads of Maya history and today it is now known as the city of Merida, Mexico. From his childhood memories of working on cocoa farms while his mom and grandmother roasted beans all day to growing up and meeting “legendary coffee connoisseur’s” he was already on the path for great things.

“When he was 22 he moved to San Francisco in hopes of opening chocolate shop, but his plan took a pleasant turn when he met the specialty-coffee living legend, Erna Knutsen who introduced him to the magnificent wonders of the coffee industry.  Soon after his experience with Erna he was introduced to Alfred Peet, owner of Peet’s Coffee.  Peet adored Diego and took him under his wing.  Diego mentions many times how they were very close friends until the day he passed. Peet even left Diego a gift with a note and at the end it said: “Diego, you really are a great coffee man”. “ 

There mission is simple yet positive as stated below T’HO is all about giving, encouraging and motivating.


Yes, we have a passion for high quality coffee, but that’s not all that defines T’HO.  Every day that you wake up and put your feet on the floor, we believe an opportunity for positive change awaits us all. T’HO wants to be a part of helping people make that change, and we decided to start our movement with coffee.   We chose coffee as our first product, not only becauseDiego is a professional coffee connoisseur, but also because 83% of the adults in this world start their day with a cup of coffee.  And when you open a bag of T’HO Coffee every morning, you will find “T’HO ENCOURAGEMENTS”; a motivational card that promotes a positive change in all aspects of life.  We plan to encourage this change within offices, cafes, homes, stadiums, restaurants, and all other venues.  Any place you can get a cup of coffee- T’HO will be there.  

 Mission: With coffee, we will strive to create the reality of aesthetic living. 

Vision:  To start a movement that promotes positive change by creating products that make life more enjoyable while keeping the environment clean. 


T’HO is keen on paying it forward.  We promote a clean environment by using 100% biodegradable bags and reusable coffee tins.  We promote a clean mind by donating time and funds to Mental Health Awareness throughout the world.   Learn more on our “Giving Back” page.

To know more about THO Commodities, the origin of the coffee and where to buy it…you can visit and visit their Instagram @THOCOMMODITIESCOFFEE

Help Puerto Rico by signing  to wave the Jones Act & donate 

Click here to sign & waive the Jones Act Let’s make this happen y’all! The Jones Act is 100 years old and is screwing the people on the island who are Citizens!  

“What is the Jones Act…”On March 2, 1917, Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act, under which Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans were granted statutory citizenship, meaning that citizenship was granted by an act of Congress and not by the Constitution (thus it was NOT guaranteed by the constitution”

You can also donate at The Puerto Rico House in Chicago, 1237 N. California. Today until 9p.m. Due to over capacity the police station on 2150 N. California will also accept donations 

Things they need

  • Water 
  • Canned foods 
  • Diapers 
  • Powder formula
  • Flashlight 
  • Batteries 
  • Clothes….Etc… 

Before & after pictures below 

Puerto Rico 2017 Recap

Puerto Rico came and left before I knew it, but my experience there was impeccable. Words truly can’t explain the way I felt being on the motherland. From the moment I landed there was a comfort inside of me like this was truly paradise. Being there two days before my sisters big day/wedding we had the opportunity to relax and settle in. The day before the wedding was the walk through at the venue (Casa De Espana) and seeing it for the first time took my breath away. That same evening after the walk through we went to eat at an amazing restaurant named Raices in Old San Juan. Raices means roots in English and it was fitting because the waiters and waitresses had on traditional Puerto Rican outfits. The food and the drinks were delicious and the overall ambiance was joyful.

The day of the wedding I felt the jitters but excited all at the same time. Watching my sister walk down the isle as my father stood by her side holding her arm was beautiful and emotional. Instant tears of joy streamed down my sisters face and of course the rest of us. From beginning to end the evening was like a fairytale that I got to experience. It was also a blessing that 93 friends and family were able to witness such a spectacular wedding.  

Casa De Espana is definitely a historic site and place to visit when traveling to Puerto Rico.

The days after the wedding were spent visiting family, Hiking EL Yunque/Rain forest up in the mountains, lounging at Luquillo beach and visiting El Morro/The Fort. Although, I was unable to do every activity I still enjoyed my time and the things I got to do. There’s the worlds highest zip lining in Puerto Rico, the Bioluminescent Bay adventure, Culebras and Viques which are 2 small island municipalities of Puerto Rico and are just 17 and 14 miles away from the mainland with private/white sand beaches, etc….

The people everywhere we went were kind, respectful, polite and made you feel welcomed.

Puerto Rico definitely stole my heart. 

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Steven Souriyadeth and check out his Website at  (Founder & Executive Publisher) IG: @souris55

Vanessa Elizondo, Angel Elizondo, Lolina Lautoa

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“How To Be A Latin Lover”- Media Event

“They didn’t call me to do this movie. I was the one who generated the script and opened the company. I hired the writers, directors, and brought everyone to make it happen,” said Actor Eugenio Derbez. FullSizeRender_1

On Monday April 17, LatinoScoop hosted the “How To Be A Latino Lover,” media event at the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.

Actor Eugenio Derbez was the star of the evening and gave an inspirational speech about his anticipated film. He explained how his journey was not an easy process but did not give up. His words of wisdom moved the crowd and informed noted to be proud of who you are and the title of the movie is a prime example of that. 

“Even though it’s an American Movie filmed by Lionsgate, the 2 stars fo the movie are Latino,” he said. 

The event displayed easels with photos from scenes of the movie throughout the gallery. Because the event was media driven those who attended were welcomed to take pictures and post to social media.  FullSizeRender

Complimentary appetizers and drinks from HennessyVS were also given to guests. Before Eugenio Derbez went on stage a teen mariachi band performed for the guests. LatinoScoop did an amazing job in putting the event together.IMG_0712

The cast of the movie includes, Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Kristen Bell, Rob Lowe, Raquel Welch, Rob Riggle, Michael Cera and Rob Corddry.

“How To Be A Latin Lover” hits theaters Friday April, 28.

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“Missing My Baby” – Selena Lives On

On Sunday April 16 it would have been Selena Quintanilla’s 46th birthday. What better way to celebrate than by having a tribute to the singer known as the Queen of Tejano.image7

ColdChillen Event Management hosted yet another memorable event. “Missing My Baby” was held at Untitled in Chicago and it was all about Selena Quintanilla. As soon as you walked in ladies were given a single white rose and a goody bag. A birthday cake was also presented with a photo of the singer on it and an artist was doing a live mural painting of Selena. The lights were dim and candles lit up the room for the occasion. There was also a tabled filled with pizza boxes for guests and another station with nail technicians from Hush Nail Salon doing manicures. A mariachi band also performed and paid tribute.

The ambiance in the room was uplifting and you can feel the love and energy resonating.  A projector screen played a video with pictures of Selena as music played in the background. Selena’s music and voice swept fans from all over the world and her legacy continues to live on.

image6               FullSizeRender (2)

 Event Management:  Coldchillen.comimage2
 Nail Salon:

Chicago Salsa Congress – Press Party


What better way to bring in the 16th annual Chicago International Salsa Congress then by hosting a press party just 9 days before with a few sneak peek performances.

On Tuesday January 30 I had the pleasure to attend the press party held at Chicago’s Block 37 inside of the restaurant Latinicity. The evening consisted of music, performances, socializing, appetizers and drinks.

So what exactly is the Chicago International Salsa Congress (CICS)?

The founders Rosita and Saladeen Alamin of Cultural Expressions Productions and the Chicago Intercultural Alliance created a multicultural community through Afro-Latin music and dance. In 2002, both Rosita and Saladeen formed the first CISC.

The goal was not just about having music or dancing but to empower personal awareness, creativity, passion, leadership and inspire. The CISC gives an opportunity for up and coming artists to perform alongside some of the most elite and well-known artists. The event also showcases dance companies from Chicago, other states/city’s and even different countries.

As stated in the Chicago Salsa Congress website their mission is to:

“unite cultures and generation, engender leadership through empowerment opportunities in its showcase and to keep alive the history of the many cultures collaboration in the creation and evolution of Latin and Afro-Caribbean music and dance.”

On February 9 – 12, 2017 the CISC will take place at the O’Hare Hyatt Regency. The non-stop entertainment event will have dance workshops throughout the day and it will include different levels of dancing from Salsa, Bachata, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more. The night performances begin at 7:00p.m. inside of the main ballroom where the different dance companies and solo performers will showcase their finest choreographies followed by a live band for social dancing until 3:00a.m.  Outside of the main ballroom there will be a DJ playing music and vendors.

This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

For more information you can visit their website at and purchase your tickets today!

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Latino Fashion Week -Chicago Recap

img_1345This year Latino Fashion Week in Chicago celebrated its 10 year anniversary, “A Decade of Elegance.” I was honored to do media coverage at this 3 day event located in the heart of Downtown Chicago, at the Block Thirty Seven Mall. If I had to choose one word to describe my experience at Latino Fashion Week it would be “PHENOMENAL.” Each night models rocked elegant and sexy outfits from different designers, boutiques and stores. Although the event is Latino driven it is an event for EVERYONE. The designers, entrepreneurs, models, make-up artists and media were from different ethnicities who came to support and be part of the movement. img_1411

As I walked around taking photos I stopped to interview a few entrepreneurs that were showcasing their products. The first individual I met was Mr. Garrick Jones who owns Chica Fina Apparel. Mr. Jones mentioned that it was his first time exhibiting at LFW.  The apparel displayed were V-neck shirts and tank tops that said, “Chica Fina” in stitching and in rhinestones. He said his inspiration of having the rhinestone shirts came from his sister. “I was motivated by my sister because she does rhinestone designs,” he said. Mr. Jones stated the name Chica Fina was inspired to capture the energy of a Latina woman. He also hopes to come back next year and to contribute more. Chica Fina Apparel is sold at

Another entrepreneur I met was Ms. Erin Leary who is the owner and creative director of Bebuddha Jewelry. During her time in college she started making jewelry for herself as a hobby and would sell them. After graduation she traveled and lived abroad for a few years. While traveling Ms. Leary came across many different stones and beads. She stated that after college she had plans to pursue other dreams however, she decided to invest her time in making jewelry. “I started to do shows about 2 to 3 years with jewelry and in July of 2015 I launched the website and ever since it has been very steady,” she said. Her brand manager Ms. Amanda Gregus stated that Ms. Leary will be attending her first show in Los Angeles in 2 weeks. The amazing pieces of jewelry are all hand-made from bracelets, earrings to even key chains and more. BeBuddha Jewelry is sold on their website at and on Esty as well.

Last but not least BrandBUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development) is an organization whose mission, as stated on their website, is to “…engage at-risk youth in the schools and on the streets, so they can realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the stability, safety and well being of our communities.” At the LFW BrandBUILD displayed some of their jewelry that is hand-made by the youth between the ages of 14 to 18 years old. “The idea is to instill positivity and showing the youth another part of life and entrepreneurship,” said Ms. Bowman. Angela Bowman is the instructor of the class and gives the students jewelry techniques on what they will be making. Not only is Ms. Bowman an instructor but a mentor as well. She said during the time when the class is making jewelry they sit around a table and have inspirational and positive conversations. I was stunned to see such fine pieces of jewelry from bracelets, necklaces to intricate rings that came from hard working students. For more information you can visit BrandBUILD at 

Latino Fashion Week was definitely a successful 3 day event filled with positivity and FLAVA! and I look forward to attending next year. Thanks to the Co-Founders and producers Ms. Arabel Alva Rosales and Cesar Rolon Jr. for having an event that brings ALL people together to showcase their designs, fashion, art, and most importantly their CREATIVITY. IMGP9306.jpg

For more information you can visit Latino Fashion Week at

“I provide Marketing/ PR/ Event services to businesses, artist, and individuals holding private events & parties too,” said Brittany Black.


Born and raised in Chicago, Brittany Black or better known by her nick-name Bree or Brit, is 26 years-old and is a Marketing, PR, and Events Coordinator. She transferred to Columbia College Chicago during her junior year for their Music program.  “Music is my first love and I’ve been singing and writing since forever, but after a year of being at Columbia my advisor told me that I would have to stay an extra year to complete the program,” she said. As an alternative, Bree decided to take a course in Marketing and from there she was hooked. “I felt like I already knew music so having a business degree with it would give me a solid foundation,” she said. 

I had the opportunity of meeting Bree at Columbia College, working with her at the school and now interviewing her on her new business.  

Q: What inspired you to have your own business/ company?                                            

A: I’ve always wanted to start a couple businesses, so now that I’m in Grad school, I felt it was the right time to step out on faith and it’s working out really well for me. I’ve been doing this for a while but for other people, so I wanted my own.

 Q: What do you hope to gain from having your own business?                          

A: I’m hoping to gain stability. I want to be able to work and shine without someone firing me. I’m my own boss. I also want to be able to give my clients the best customer service ever. I think that’s huge in business.

Q: How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?            

 A: I mainly market my business via social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook has been a huge help with me gaining clients. I have flyers too.

Q: Have you encountered any obstacles while getting your business started? If so how are you overcoming those obstacles?                                                                                      

A: Yes, of course. Events get pushed back and clients you think are serious end up not being serious, but at the end of the day you have to keep pushing. I understand it’s just business and I don’t believe in having emotions in business.

Q: Are you working by yourself or do you have a team helping you with your business?

A: I actually started by myself, but I recently hired on two assistants. 

Q: Do you have an office space if not do you foresee yourself having one?                  

A: No, not yet. My business is only about 3 months old but I definitely foresee myself getting a space soon, maybe after 6 months in the business. 

Q: Describe/outline your typical day?                                                                                    

A: Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’m in Graduate school so I check my homework assignments daily. I also check my social media pages, my company email, and my website traffic. I work on projects for my clients and I also promote my business/website too. 

 Q: What motivates you?                                                                                                                

A: The fact that I have so many big dreams that I am determined to accomplish. I will accomplish them, there’s no other way.

Q: Who has been your greatest inspiration?                                                                                

A: I have 4. My mom is number 1 of course. She’s a single mom who worked so hard to give me and my brother everything. She’s the best. Mariah Carey and Aaliyah musically inspire me. They are classic and timeless; they can’t be touched in my eyes. Beyoncé inspires me because she shows me that a woman can have it all. She’s the best in the game, a wife, a mother and she’s still on top.

Q: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?                                                

A: I don’t really have any big fears. If I get nervous or anxious about something I pray about it. I have to trust God that everything is going to be ok.

Q: What three pieces of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?                                                                                                                                         

A:  1. Always be persistent

     2. Take chances and step out on faith

     3. Stay focused

Q: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

A:   1.Consistency. There will be ups and downs, just don’t give up.

      2.Staying true to yourself. People will try to change you, but remain who you are.

      3.Networking is so important. This is a skill that you need to make connections.

Q: What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?                                  

A: If I’m not working then I’m singing, writing songs, sleeping, or shopping.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year and in 5 years?                                  

A: By next year I want to have more clients for events and PR/Marketing. I want to have an office space and to start getting back to my first love which is music. In 5 years I will open more businesses, have more solid brand recognition, and be known world-wide for myPR/Marketing, my music, and my other business.

Q: In one word, characterize your life as an entrepreneur.                                              

A: Exciting.

 You can follow Brittany on her social media platforms below and if you’re interested in PR, Marketing or Event services make sure to check out her website and contact her on her site below. 

Thanks again! Until next time. 

By: Lucia C.  

FACEBOOK: Brittany Bree Black

TWITTER: Breeamore_

INSTAGRAM: Breeamore



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