YK Model & Talent Agency Takes Over – Black Women’s Expo 2017


YK Management Model & Talent Agency took over the main stage at this year’s 2017 Black Women’s Expo held at Chicago’s McCormick Convention Center, April 7-9. Models from the Fashion Agency walked the runway on Friday and Sunday afternoon rocking some of the hottest brands. Founder and creator Yoshimi Kiosha, does it all on her own and preps her models for each fashion show. The 27 year old entrepreneur knew Fashion Management was her dream at the young age of 12.

“At 12 years old I decided to branch off and start my own fashion management. I remember recruiting people when I was young because I always had a passion for it. My Freshmen/Sophomore year of high school I had my own clothing line at school named Geishagirl. I would pick out fabric and my step-dad had a printing shop and helped me out. Through it all my grandmother was my biggest supporter and in 2009, YK Management was established. I eventually want to rent a building and make it a school and agency,” said Yoshimi.

Now Yoshimi takes on events such as, The Black Women’s Expo and her models walk the runway.


After the show, I interviewed a few of the models, make-up artists and hair-stylists on their experience at the fashion show. 

One of the newest models to YK Management, 24-year-old Christian Pittman, explained how she was in a previous fashion show and Yoshimi was there recruiting and scouting models. From there, Yoshimi liked what she saw and Christian joined the team. Although, she has been modeling with YK for a little under 2 months, she explained how practicing with the other models has been unbelievable. 

“It’s like an adrenaline rush on the runway but fun. We only had about a month to practice before the expo and Yoshmi managed to get all the models ready and organized. Her vision and method helped put everything into perspective,” said Christian. 

24-year-old model and veteran Dominique Penn, has been with YK Management for a few months. Since she was a little girl she knew she loved fashion and has been modeling for 8 years. 

“I watch fashion shows and I love to express myself with wild and bold colors. Modeling gives me a confidence and I enjoy walking the runway,” said Dominique. 

Besides being a model for YK, Dominique has been doing lingerie modeling for about a year for Jewcee Boutique. “I’m trying to do different things and have a variety of pictures,” she said. 

Last but not least, 17-year-old model Keyera Jones said her experience at first was nerve-wrecking but after changing and coming back on the runway, those nerves went away and she enjoyed herself. 

“It’s a wonderful experience to be with YK Management. Yoshimi scouted me at my very first fashion show I did and now, I’m here,” said Keyera. 

Currently a Junior at Simeon High School, the young model wants to pursue Fashion and work in the industry as a stylist and make-up artist but noted her main focus would be modeling. 


Behind every model there’s a glam team with talented individuals who help put the final pieces together. Each model had their hair, make-up and were styled to promote each brand of clothing line on the runway. 

Freelance Make-up artist, Toni Mead said her friend tagged her in a flyer where Yoshimi was looking for make-up artists for the fashion show. Although it was her first time at the Expo she noted it was a great experience. 

“I’ve worked with a WNBA player for a spring collection photo-shoot and did a hair show but never the Black Women’s Expo,” said Toni. The make-up artist goes by antigorgeous on Instagram. 

Make-up artist, Jessica Patterson has done professional make-up for proms, weddings and now added fashion shows to her list. She also looks forward to attending the Black Women’s Expo next year. 

“The energy was fast-paced but exciting and I’m very honored to have done some of the models make-up,” said Jessica. She goes by, _Jesstimeless on Instagram. 

Make-up artist, Jasmine Martinez explained how it was interesting being at the expo and noted it was also her first time. 

“I have been doing make-up for a year now and it has been very lucrative,” she said. Jasmine goes by Jayevelyn on Instagram

Full-time Hairstylist, Tiffany Shelly said it was also her first time at the Expo and noted it was fast paced but awesome. She explained how she enjoyed doing the models hair and eventually seeks to have her own hair salon.

“I hope to have my own suite and also build a glam team,” said Tiffany. You can find her work on Instagram at Tiffanystylezglamoursly.


The Black Women’s Expo was filled with many talented exhibitors and it was a cultural explosion of fashion, food, health, art and music. You definitely don’t want to miss next year’s event.

Fashion Designers     

  • Menace.Denimz
  • Woke Fashions
  • Merci 88
  • Eden Brand                                
  • Eptome Boutique                                    
  • Edward Ark Collection
  • Addison & Clark
  • Hoop Legend
  • Merci 88
  • Khamryn B
  • Her Treasures Boutique
  • Idrine Bishweka
  • Gidi
  • CBN

YK MANAGEMENT MODEL & TALENT AGENCY:  www.ykmodelandtalent.com

Fashion Designer – Hola Chola Pop-up Shop

FullSizeRender (1)“It goes to show that if you really believe in something go for it,” said Susanna Gonzalez.

Fashion Designer and owner of Hola Chola Brand, Susanna Gonzalez has proven to be a fearless self-starter entrepreneur. This past weekend I attended the Hola Chola pop-up shop inside the National Museum of Mexican Art located in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. Susanna shared her story and how she became an independent artist.

Growing up in New York she felt sheltered at home because she was unable to explore. She felt drained at the everyday routine and rituals. Her family was accustomed and set in their ways but Susanna felt an urgency of wanting more.

“At 23 years old I made a bold decision to relocate to Los Angeles but, as time went by I felt like I was losing touch with my roots and religion back home. I forgot who I was because I was away from home so I decided to take a journey to Jalisco, Mexico,” she said.FullSizeRender_3

During her time there she celebrated one of Mexico’s colorful and patriotic festivals in September known as their Independence Day,  El Mes De La Patria (month of the homeland). She explained how her adventure in Mexico was a life changing experience because she felt the unity of the people and how it brought the Latino community together.

“They barely had anything but people were happy and I was drawn to the churches and religion,” she said.


Her time spent in Mexico inspired her from religion to the arts. One thing that stuck with Susanna was “La Reina.”  She explained how ever since her journey she kept seeing La Reina appear and would pray.

“Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, where she is known as La Reina de Mexico and is very much a cultural icon,” Mamiverse.com.

After her stay in Mexico Susanna decided to go back home to live in New York but while there she felt a sense of sadness.   FullSizeRender_12

“I felt uncomfortable knowing people in my hometown/background in Mexico were poor and had nothing,” she said.

She wanted to artistically bring to the life the culture and what she saw in Mexico but knew she would be held back from her full potential in New York because of her parents. She continued to pray to La Reina for guidance until one day she received a phone call for a job opportunity in Los Angeles and relocated once again. Although, she was working in L.A. she had an idea to work on her own brand and that’s when Hola Chola came to mind. Soon she found herself on her spare time working on her brand and was determined. As time went by she became passionate and diligent on the attire she made. Through the process of being away from home, working and starting her brand she was alone but never gave up.

“My family didn’t believe I could do it but here I am today and I just recently quit my job in November,” she said.

Her personality and smile gave an uplifting vibrant vibe. The ambiance in the room was electric and there was a variety of merchandise from hats, clothes to even suitcases.  Inside the main gallery room there were nail technicians from Hush Nail Salon in Chicago, Hennessy V•S complimentary mixed drinks and a DJ on stage. The event had people from all backgrounds and each person’s style conveyed uniqueness from edgy, spunk, eccentric and overall creative. Being that it was her first time in Chicago she proved that no matter where she goes she can conquer any obstacle’s and draws an audience with her brand and style.


A special thanks to Cold Chillen Ent. for joining forces with Susanna Gonzalez to put the event together to Hush Nail Salon for coming out and doing some fabulous manicures  to Hennessy VS for the complimentary mixed drinks and to the DJ for playing some great music and engaging the crowd.

Cold Chillen Event Mngmt. Team

Instagram: @Holacholainc , @Ssuperior , @Pherolive , @djkingmarie , @hushsalonchicago

Twitter: @HolaCholaInc


Cold Chillen Event Management Coldchillen.com

Hush Nail Salon www.salonhush.com

#HolaChola #HennessyV•S #ColdChillen #HushNailSalon


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Casual Office Look For The Low!

When it comes to work attire I like to stay more on the comfy yet casual side. It’s pretty easy spending a lot of money on buying “office clothes,” but there’s a way to pull of a professional look and still save money!

I have on a long-sleeve fitted shirt from Forever 21 and my pants are from Uniqlo. Both department stores are not just tailored to women but to men as well.

Below are the links to both stores below 😉



Latino Fashion Week -Chicago Recap

img_1345This year Latino Fashion Week in Chicago celebrated its 10 year anniversary, “A Decade of Elegance.” I was honored to do media coverage at this 3 day event located in the heart of Downtown Chicago, at the Block Thirty Seven Mall. If I had to choose one word to describe my experience at Latino Fashion Week it would be “PHENOMENAL.” Each night models rocked elegant and sexy outfits from different designers, boutiques and stores. Although the event is Latino driven it is an event for EVERYONE. The designers, entrepreneurs, models, make-up artists and media were from different ethnicities who came to support and be part of the movement. img_1411

As I walked around taking photos I stopped to interview a few entrepreneurs that were showcasing their products. The first individual I met was Mr. Garrick Jones who owns Chica Fina Apparel. Mr. Jones mentioned that it was his first time exhibiting at LFW.  The apparel displayed were V-neck shirts and tank tops that said, “Chica Fina” in stitching and in rhinestones. He said his inspiration of having the rhinestone shirts came from his sister. “I was motivated by my sister because she does rhinestone designs,” he said. Mr. Jones stated the name Chica Fina was inspired to capture the energy of a Latina woman. He also hopes to come back next year and to contribute more. Chica Fina Apparel is sold at http://www.chicafinaapparel.com

Another entrepreneur I met was Ms. Erin Leary who is the owner and creative director of Bebuddha Jewelry. During her time in college she started making jewelry for herself as a hobby and would sell them. After graduation she traveled and lived abroad for a few years. While traveling Ms. Leary came across many different stones and beads. She stated that after college she had plans to pursue other dreams however, she decided to invest her time in making jewelry. “I started to do shows about 2 to 3 years with jewelry and in July of 2015 I launched the website and ever since it has been very steady,” she said. Her brand manager Ms. Amanda Gregus stated that Ms. Leary will be attending her first show in Los Angeles in 2 weeks. The amazing pieces of jewelry are all hand-made from bracelets, earrings to even key chains and more. BeBuddha Jewelry is sold on their website at http://www.bebuddhajewelry.com and on Esty as well.

Last but not least BrandBUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development) is an organization whose mission, as stated on their website, is to “…engage at-risk youth in the schools and on the streets, so they can realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the stability, safety and well being of our communities.” At the LFW BrandBUILD displayed some of their jewelry that is hand-made by the youth between the ages of 14 to 18 years old. “The idea is to instill positivity and showing the youth another part of life and entrepreneurship,” said Ms. Bowman. Angela Bowman is the instructor of the class and gives the students jewelry techniques on what they will be making. Not only is Ms. Bowman an instructor but a mentor as well. She said during the time when the class is making jewelry they sit around a table and have inspirational and positive conversations. I was stunned to see such fine pieces of jewelry from bracelets, necklaces to intricate rings that came from hard working students. For more information you can visit BrandBUILD at http://www.buildchicago.org 

Latino Fashion Week was definitely a successful 3 day event filled with positivity and FLAVA! and I look forward to attending next year. Thanks to the Co-Founders and producers Ms. Arabel Alva Rosales and Cesar Rolon Jr. for having an event that brings ALL people together to showcase their designs, fashion, art, and most importantly their CREATIVITY. IMGP9306.jpg

For more information you can visit Latino Fashion Week at http://www.latinofashiowk.com

Outfit of the Day…

Hello ladies! and welcome to my first blog post which is about Maxi Dresses. Maxi dresses are perfect because you can dress it up or make it as casual as you want. The dress I have on is from one of my fave stores A’GACI. However, there are many stores where you can get maxi dresses for a good price. Some stores include Forever 21, Khols, Charlotte Rousse, Mandees, Target and Macy’s.


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