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Finding Myself

Hello fellow visitor/blogger and welcome to my blog. Now I’m sure you’ve come across many blogs and are wondering why I should be on THIS (MY) blog versus the hundreds and thousands of blogs out there.  Well, let me first say I encourage everyone to explore the many different blogs out there because each one has its own uniqueness to it.

Moving forward these are just a few topics of what my blog will be about. I will have stories and possible videos (once I break away from my shyness) about fashion, music, urban lifestyle, how to’s and much more!

I’m sure you’re wondering who I am. So, let me explain a little bit about myself. I’m short and that’s the (little bit) about myself. No no I’m kidding, well not about the five feet part unfortunately, but hey the best things come in small packages. I’m Latina with a Bachelor in Journalism from Columbia College Chicago, WOOT WOOT! Since college I’ve been working jobs that are not related to my field but I did have some awesome internship opportunities with an online publication and a radio station. However, when I stopped doing both internships I found myself getting very comfortable with just working and not pursuing what I love which is writing/blogging. I remember telling myself in college that my dreams were to become my own boss, to blog and eventually publish a book. I knew that it was NOT going to be easy post-graduation but I didn’t think it would be to the point where I found myself sad, upset and just overall emotional because I could not land anything steady that is related to my field of study. During my time with the publication and radio I felt like I was so much closer to pursuing my dream and I didn’t think that it would end so abruptly. The last few months have been rough for me but I am not the type of person to show my feelings. I felt like I’ve wasted a great amount of time not doing what I love and although I wish I can take that time back in order to make it right I know that I have to start NOW and look forward. So this is where I’m left now writing to (YOU) and hoping that if you’re on the same boat that I encourage you to go and do what you LOVE. I’m grateful to have a great support system from family, friends to co-workers that continue to push me every day. But, even when others are telling you to follow your dreams it still has to come from within yourself and YOU have to start somewhere in order to see results. So here’s to my first post and I hope you enjoyed my insights.


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