One on One with Rapper Ramen

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Ramen was born in Jersey City and raised in Union City, Jersey. At just 21 years old Ramen is an innovator and is currently working on several projects but his main one is titled “Concrete Rose,” which is scheduled to release this fall/winter.

I had the pleasure to interview Ramen via-email and get some insights.

Q & A 

What is a typical day/week like for you? A typical day for me would consist of time spent with family and complete attention to music. I’m no longer working at the moment so I’ve had a lot of extra time to focus on my work. My main concern is growth and knowing exactly where I want to go with this next project.

What inspired you to do music? Having connections with people, musical outlets and being able to travel the world while doing it.

Who are your musical influences? Tupac, J.Cole, Jadakiss and on occasion Drake.

What are your biggest accomplishments? I had someone once told me that my music helped them. Also, being able to bring positive energy into the world through music.

Do you plan on working with any local artist in your city? Yes, in due time.

How do you define Music? Passion, pain, and whole lot of fun.

Have you performed at any venues? If so do you have any performances planned?           I’d say I’ve done about 30 shows by now. I have no current events at the moment but I’m planning my second annual “Live to Inspire” event before the year ends.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? International success and all around growth.

Where can people access your music?   

YouTube: RamenMusic1 &  Datpiff.

Do you have a website?

You can also follow Ramen on his social media outlets below.

Twitter: @RamenMusic1

Instagram: @ramen_dsnd




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