One on One with Rapper & Comedian Fatboy SSE

FullSizeRender (2)“My biggest accomplishments are hitting 100k followers on Instagram, having Meek Mill follow me on IG, Flying out to L.A. and meeting different artists in the game while being there.”

Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough better known by his nick names Fatboy SSE, Fats or Boobie was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey and is an artist/rapper and comedian/entertainer. He describes a typical day/week by grinding hard, eating well and living happy by making people smile. “I decided to become a rapper and comedian because of LIFE in general and being a funny and happy person and also not caring what people think of me,” he said. His role models are his mother and father and he hopes to have 5 million dollars in the next 5 years and is living happy with his family. At the moment he is working with his brother Darius DK who is also a comedian and a few local artists from his hometown. The young Jersey mogul has taken his talent of rapping and has performed in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and L.A. Lastly, when asked if he could work with any artist and comedian who would it be and why he said, “Meek Mill because I like the way he works and Kevin Hart because they would TURN UP.”

You can find Fatboy SSE new mixtape at and check his YouTube account at





By: Lucia C.

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